July 2011 EEnergy Informer

The July 2011 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • Japanese Earthquake Unplugs Germany’s Nuclear Plants
  • California’s Energy Future: Greener, Cleaner And More Efficient
  • US Passes 20 Million Smart Meter Milestone
  • Coal Kills Babies, And A Few Adults Too
  • Solar Cheaper Than Fossil Fuel, Says GE
  • Clean, And Not-so-clean States Of America
  • Time Has Arrived For Time Variant Pricing, But What Kind?
  • Incandescent Light Bulb’s Days Are Numbered
  • Smart Meters, Data Access And Privacy
  • IEA’s Urges Diversity In Low Carbon Future
  • Book Review: Global Warming Gridlock: Creating More Effective Strategies for Protecting the Planet by David Victor
  • Book Announcement: Energy, Sustainability And The Environment

You can request a sample issue of EEnergy Informer here.

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