Dr. Sioshansi

Dr. Sioshansi is President of Menlo Energy Economics, a consulting firm based in San Francisco, California, advising clients on the rapid transformation of the electricity sector and emerging business models. He has over 4 decades of experience covering all aspects of the electricity power sector.

He is the editor and publisher of EEnergy Informer, a monthly newsletter with international circulation, now in its 29th year of continuous publication.

Dr. Sioshansi’s professional experience includes working at

  • Southern California Edison Company (SCE);
  • The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI);
  • National Economic Research Associates (NERA); and
  • Henwood Energy, now part of ABB.

Dr. Sioshansi has degrees in Engineering and Economics, including an MS and Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University.

Since 2006, Dr. Sioshansi has edited 11 books, all published by Academic Press on topics that cover virtually all aspects of the electric power sector as listed below in reverse chronological order:

  • Consumers, prosumers, prosumagers: How new service innovations are disrupting the utility business models, forthcoming in early 2019
  • Innovation and disruption at the grid’s edge: How distributed energy resources are disrupting the traditional utility business model, 2017;
  • Utilities of the Future: Future of Utilities; How technological innovations in distributed generation will reshape the electric power sector, 2016;
  • Distributed Generation and its Implications for the Utility Industry, 2014;
  • Evolution of Global Electricity Markets, New Paradigms, New Challenges, New Approaches, 2013;
  • Energy Efficiency: Towards the End of Electricity Demand Growth, 2013;
  • Smart Grid: Integrating Renewable, Distributed & Efficient Energy, 2011;
  • Energy Sustainability and the Environment: Technology, Incentives, Behavior, 2011;
  • Generating Electricity in a Carbon Constrained World, 2009;
  • Competitive Electricity Markets: Design, Implementation, Performance, 2008; and
  • Electricity Market Reform: An International Perspective, 2006.