About EEI

EEnergy Informer is a monthly publication reaching an influential international audience in electronic format.

EEnergy Informer covers the significant news and developments in climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart metering and smart grid, nuclear energy, clean coal technology, natural gas, energy supply and security issues – and much more – in ways not found anywhere else.

While other newsletters cover the headlines, EEnergy Informer is unique in that it goes behind the headlines and beyond the news to explain the significance of major industry events and trends. Its analyses and insightful interpretation of the news gives our readers “the big picture” encouraging them to think and strategize “outside the box”.

EEnergy Informer subscribers include professionals in the energy sector, government regulators, policymakers, research and academic institutions and the investment community. The newsletter is focused on analysis of business trends and developments in the energy markets around the world, primarily focused on the electric power sector.

The tables of contents of previous issues of EEnergy Informer are available here. Sample articles from EEI can be found on our news pages.

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