About EEI

EEnergy Informer is a monthly publication reaching an influential international audience. It covers significant news and developments in transition to a sustainable energy future, the rapid rise of renewable energy resources, the challenges of phasing out fossil fuels, electrification of the transport sector – and much more – in ways not found anywhere else.

The contents of the latest issue follows:

  • Another Turning Point: Peak Electric Emissions
  • EPA Proposes To Reduce Power Plant Emissions
  • US Installed Capacity To Double By 2050
  • Global PV Market Expands 240 GW In 2022
  • Electrify Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • California Duck Curve Now A Canyon
  • Fixed Charges Won’t Resolve California Utilities’ Woes
  • The Biggest Renewable Bottleneck: Transmission
  • Offshore Wind Spurs New Industries
  • Solar Innovations Are Boundless
  • Global EV Sales Reach New Highs
  • How To Aggregate DERS Into A VPP

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