About MEE

Dr SioshansiMenlo Energy Economics (MEE) provides consulting services to the energy clients worldwide, mostly focused on the electric power sector. Our clients include major power companies, energy-intensive customers, regulators, government policymakers, and research institutions coping with the challenges of the rapidly evolving electricity markets.

MEE provides a host of customized services designed to fit the individual needs of the clients. Our approach in assisting clients relies in teaming with a close cadre of affiliates to address the issues of interest. This approach offers flexibility and allows us to adjust to the scope and complexity of the assignments.

Main practice Areas

Menlo Energy Economics’ primary practice areas include:

  • Energy efficiency & demand-side management (DSM) programs
  • Implementation & integration of demand response (DR) programs
  • Climate change, environmental sustainability, low-carbon strategies
  • Renewable energy technologies – promotion & integration
  • Resource analysis & integrated resource planning (IRP)
  • Smart grid, smart metering & smart pricing
  • Competitive retail electricity markets
  • Market design, market structure & market performance issues
  • Managing price volatility, risk management & asset valuation
  • Market modeling, simulation, demand & price forecasting
  • Regulatory & policy issues on energy efficiency, renewable energy & climate change
  • In-house trainging and customized seminars on above topics

Customized Research & Market Intelligence Services

Menlo Energy Economics offers customized research and market intelligence services. Many of MEE’s clients subscribe to EEnergy Informer, a monthly newsletter covering significant developments in the electric power sector with international circulation.

Sample Assignments

Menlo Energy Economics offers customized consulting services on a wide range of issues to energy clients and government policy makers worldwide. The following is a sample:

  • Integrating smart pricing, smart metering & smart grid technologies
  • Implementation of energy efficiency & demand-side management programs
  • Integration issues in demand response & smart pricing
  • Regulatory & policy options to promote renewable energy generation & integration
  • Assessment of competitive retail electricity markets
  • Assessment of investment opportunities in GreenTech
  • Scenario analysis, corporate strategy, resource adequacy & integrated resource planning
  • Customized capacity building, technology transfer & executive education
  • Developing corporate strategies on climate change & sustainability
  • Assessment of carbon footprint & carbon neutrality

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For a biographical sketch of Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, MEE founder and president, click here