About MEE

Dr SioshansiMenlo Energy Economics (MEE) provides consulting services to the energy clients worldwide, mostly focused on the electric power sector. Our clients include major power companies, energy-intensive customers, regulators, government policymakers, and research institutions coping with the challenges of the rapidly evolving electricity markets.

MEE provides a host of customized services designed to fit the individual needs of the clients. Our approach in assisting clients relies in teaming with a close cadre of affiliates to address the issues of interest. This approach offers flexibility and allows us to adjust to the scope and complexity of the assignments.

Main practice Areas

Menlo Energy Economics’ primary practice areas falls into 3 main areas:

Consulting services such as:

  • Strategic advice on energy market transformations
  • Business strategy to reposition in view of the rapid transformation
  • Evolving business models in electricity sector
  • Decentralization and digitalization of electricity sector
  • Aggregation & optimization of behind-the-meter assets
  • Distributed energy resources (DERs), demand response (DR)
  • Renewable energy integration & energy storage systems (ESS)
  • Distributed generation & distributed storage including EVs
  • Migration of consumers to prosumers, prosumagers & “nonsumers”
  • New service & pricing options
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, platforms and virtual power plants (VPPs)
  • Evolving regulatory & policy landscape
  • Evolving wholesale and retail electricity markets

Training & capacity building services such as:

  • In-house customized training
  • External training

Customized research on topics highlighted above.

For a partial list of clients click here.

For a biographical sketch of Dr. Fereidoon Sioshansi, MEE’s founder & President click here.