November 2022 EEnergy Informer

The November 2022 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • Friend Or Foe?
  • EU’s Energy Prices Remain High And Volatile
  • Why China Matters
  • Incumbents Prefer The Status Quo. Surprised?
  • What Is The Social Cost Of Carbon?
  • Solar’s Rise To Accelerate
  • How Did CAISO Survive The 6 Sept Heatwave?
  • Global Wind Capacity To Reach 2,000 GW In Next Decade
  • Solar Panels Plus Batteries Are Moneymakers
  • Variability Of Renewables Has To Be Buffered
  • Renewables Create Jobs Provide Security And Savings

You can request a sample issue of EEnergy Informer here.

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