Book Review in Energy Net Zero

Dr. Sioshansi’s latest book, Variable Generation, Flexible Demand, has a lengthy review in the latest edition of Energy Net Zero magazine. The editor, Neil Mearns, opinines that the book is expecially timely given recent incidents of grid failure in California and Texas:

“The book is timely coming after two major episodes of power shortages in California and Texas, where having more flexible demand at scale could have made a difference, certainly in the former case where the supply shortages were relatively small – 1GW in a 40GW system – and limited to a couple of hours. Even in Texas, where the shortages were huge and lasted for a good part of the week, customers could have responded by keeping the lights on while turning off showers, dishwashers and dryers. With wholesale prices at $9,000/MWhs, many large and small customers would have found ways to conserve, thus reducing the need for indiscriminate rolling blackouts. Having more flexible demand and knowing how to use it will become more important not only in emergencies but in day-to-day operation of networks that are marching towards 100% renewable targets.”

To read the full review, click here (PDF).

For further details about the book and a 30% discount off the cover price, click here.

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