September 2011 EEnergy Informer

The September 2011 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • Coal Is Bad. Nukes Are Not Good. Now What?
  • Greening of Japan
  • Japan Shows How To Save Energy Fast
  • Texas Heat Wave Squeezes ERCOT, Again
  • The Golden Age Of Natural Gas
  • Keep On Fracking
  • Australia’s Carbon Tax Can Make A Difference
  • China Passes US In Wind – What’s Next?
  • Financial Woes To Strain Renewable Subsidies
  • Taming Demand The Old Fashioned Way
  • The Rise And Fall Of Business Sectors, Companies And Countries
  • Special Supplement: Energy And Environmental Sustainability

You can request a sample issue of EEnergy Informer here.

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