The Handbook on Electricity Markets

For anyone interested in the latest developments and trends in the global electricity markets the recently published Handbook on Electricity Markets is a must read. The edited volume, consisting of 22 chapters and 672 pages, is written by leading international experts and offers the most detailed and comprehensive account of global electricity markets ever published. Dr. Sioshansi is included with a chapter on the latest technological developments on the demand side.

The handbook, edited by Jean-Michel Glachant, Director, Florence School of Regulation, Italy, Paul Joskow, Economics Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US and Michael Pollitt, Economics Professor at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK, covers virtually all aspects and markets including the US, the EU, Australia as well as the latest developments in Africa, China and elsewhere. It includes an examination of both supply as well as demand, wholesale and retail markets, decarbonization, the rise of renewable electricity sources; the electrification of mobility, heating and cooling; and recent innovations such as distributed generation, electrical energy storage, demand response and digital platforms that are disrupting the industry.

It examines the benefits and the limits of competitive markets while looking at specific markets such as the UK, PJM Interconnection, Texas, Australia, Scandinavia, continental Europe and China including their design features. The book also considers new emerging business models, as well as the impact of electricity sector policy priorities such as universal access and decarbonization.

As the book’s title implies, it is a useful handbook to adorn the bookshelves of students, scholars, researchers, professionals as well as regulators, investors and decision-makers engaged in the electricity sector.

Further information about the book, including how to order, is available here.

The publisher has been offering a generous early-bird discount which may still be available here, but hurry!

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