January 2022 EEnergy Informer

The January 2022 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • Net Zero Everything
  • Ambition vs. Reality
  • Germany To Phase Out Coal By 2030
  • More Warehouses, More Rooftop Solar Plants
  • Demand For Electric Cables Expands
  • Supply Chain Bottlenecks Impact Renewables
  • Wholesale Prices Drop And, Occasionally, Go Negative
  • Utilities Spend More On Delivery Than Generation
  • California Reconsiders Net Energy Metering, Again
  • Emerging Utility Business Models
  • The Other Game Changers: Rooftop Solar, EVs, Storage
  • Book Review: The Age of Fire is Over: A New Approach to the Energy Transition
    by Vincent Petit
  • Readers Write
  • New Handbook on Electricity Markets

The Handbook on Electricity Markets is an exciting new title to which Dr. Sioshansi is a contributor. More information about it will be published here soon.

You can request a sample issue of EEnergy Informer here.

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