June 2016 EEnergy Informer

The June 2016 issue of EEnergy Informer is now available. Here is the contents list:

  • How Long Would It Take To Wean Off Fossil Fuels?
  • Kicking Fossil Fuel Habit Easier Than Previously Thought
  • China: Energy Transition Already Underway
  • Climate Change: What Are We Waiting For?
  • Look Ma: Virtually All New Capacity Is Renewable
  • Global Solar To Grow 21% In 2016
  • Solar Impulse Continues Epic Journey
  • Coal: Under Siege
  • Global Wind To Approach 800 GW By 2020
  • Connected Homes Do More Than Reduce Bills
  • What Happened To Falling Demand In Australia?
  • Decentralized Energy: From Niche To Mass Market
  • Germany Manages Big Savings In Renewable Generation

You can request a sample issue of EEnergy Informer here.

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