Coming Soon – New Book on Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation bookThe rapid growth of distributed generation, solar PVs, and micro-grids represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the electric power industry, where advances in technology coupled with rapidly falling costs are allowing a growing number of customers to self-generate some or most of the electricity they need – thus bypassing the grid-supplied electricity. This decentralized energy revolution, now manifested in a number of high retail tariff regions such as Germany, California and Australia, is expected to apply to other regions over time.

The impact of customer self-generation on the traditional revenue stream of incumbent suppliers will grow and could be quite significant. Experts refer to solar PVs, micro-grids, and other means of self-generation and storage, including fuel cells and storage devices as disruptive technologies. As their costs continue to fall and their reliability and performance improves, they will increasingly compete with more expensive grid-supplied power. The book covers technical, economic, regulatory, and policy implications associated with the rapid rise of decentralized generation with perspectives from different parts of the world.

Key Features of the Book

  • Provides the latest developments in the growth of distributed generation, rooftop solar PVs and micro-grids covering the US, Europe and Australia
  • Offers diverse insights and perspectives from the vintage point of technology and business experts on the implications of distributed generation on the electric power sector
  • Includes analysis of the impact of decentralized generation on the grid and on traditional utility business model

We expect the book to be available for pre-order in April.

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